Yay. The Creative Nudge

You know how I'm always talking πŸ—ƒ about keeping your creative momentum spinning year-round? 
​​​​​​​Not letting the energy fade? Sticking with the positive creative habits that you refresh during ICAD each year?

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Daisy YellowComment
Mindful Meditative Mandala Madness

Ⓜ️andalas & geometric patterns πŸ™ƒ are our themes for Week 5️⃣ of the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge
where our goal is to make 61 cards in 61 days, at the pace of ONE per DAY! I've done 4 Instagram Lives this week where we did mandala draw-alongs, and I hope you caught one of them! Be sure to follow me at @gypsy999 to catch future arty fun. 

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Wonder31 #23: Batik

Surely you are thinking that I forgot about my promise to do all of the Wonder31 prompts? This week I created something to INTERPRET this prompt! I found a scrap of painted paper [with acrylics] and it seemed like a perfectly batik-like background for a mandala. And it was... batik! 

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