Wonder31 #21: Horizon

Try not to get all wrapped up in HOW you interpret a prompt. In the big picture of the universe, it does not matter. Just start somewhere. What matters is starting. I encourage you to go back to Wonder31 #1 and get started. They're fun, light-hearted prompts; they'll get you rolling and you'll enjoy your daily escapades. The prompts are here to kick-start your art. That's it. Not solve the riddles of Narnia or win you an Emmy. 

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Getting Unstuck & Figuring Out What to Do

You do not need a ginormous 17-step strategic plan. You really don't. It is much simpler than you might imagine.

I do art every day - there are projects going on simultaneously - lots of journals and papers and index cards and art in various stages of completion and I've been working with this bouncy art energy for almost a decade. 

And here is my experience. Ideas will flow if you keep showing up. Yup. Even on days when you don't feel like you have any ideas. When you are walking through quicksand. You can still do things to keep propelling yourself forward nonetheless. 

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zine, 1bestDaisy Yellow
Inktober, Looking Forward and Back

Whew. Wow! Can we truly be into October already?! I feel like the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge just ended a second ago ⏰ and summer heat was enveloping us -- how does this happen? OK. So back to reality. Historically, in my world, October is a month where PROGRESS is possible! And that's surprising because in our OUR HOUSE we have almost back-to-back family birthdays plus 🎃 Halloween plus annual school events and of course other holidays on the horizon. But October has been a very creatively productive month the past several years because of Inktober. It has given me a lighthearted focus on INK. On completing tiny projects. It reminds me of ICAD, because it's really like ICAD but with INK and with ANY type of paper. 

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