Fugitive pigment restructuring

7 Things I didn't learn in business school

1. Splattered ROI
2. Cross-hatched balance sheets
3. Fugitive pigment restructuring
4. Lightfast accounting genres
5. Unbalanced gesso
6. Cartoon AGI
7. Quantitative quinacridone crimson

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Daisy Yellow
Drawing at the coffee shop

Just after school break began, my older daughter and I went to a coffee shop while waiting for my younger daughter at an activity. So I decided to get some index card action going while she took a practice SAT test in a noisy, real-world environment. We sat at different tables so that I wouldn't distract her - and I was lucky enough to get a seat across from a small table which was busier than most of the other tables.

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drawingDaisy Yellow
The elusive naming process

Naming a painting, project, journal or a workshop... gives me a way to refer to the tangible thing but sometimes it actually helps me understand what I am creating in the first place. It clarifies and potentially defines.... and helps focus my direction. 

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12 Tips for the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge

There's an über-optimistic energy to the start of a creative challenge. So much potential. As you contemplate what to create, I encourage you to have an open mind as to how this 61-daily-card-goal will come to fruition. I never ever know where ICAD will lead, but it is always a surprise. Some years I start thinking that all I want to do is collage for the next decade -- and quickly I remember my beloved PITT pens and the intricate challenge of drawing mandalas -- then stumble into grungy acrylics. 

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