Perfect and Imperfect and in Between

It's useful to step back and take a macro view of our creative endeavors.

What is the point, the goal? With your lines, your brush strokes, your photographs, your words? Where are you headed? What do you want to accomplish? This is a question that only you can answer. No-one else gets to decide for you. I think that there is value in working in both spaces, in working to improve our skills and also in playing!

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Counting Index Cards

During the index-card-a-day challenge there are always SO many cards flying. I hope you've been propelled into idea-land. I know it probably doesn't make sense unless you have experienced idea-land. But ideas feed ideas and suddenly you're in the thick of paint and paper and designs and patterns and then it's time to start an idea notebook. Start tracking those ideas! 

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Top Twelve Art Journaling

Time to curl up with a fuzzy blanket {if it's wintery}
or an iced tea with a slice of lime {if it's summery}.

After some investigative research and questionably non-scientific calculations, I have determined that these are the most popular art journaling posts at Daisy Yellow. Astute readers will note that there are more than twelve. I got carried away.

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Dreaming in pastel colors, capturing chandeliers

I found this extra wide book, in landscape format, at the discount book store for a few dollars. The pages are glossy but I haven't retained much of the original abstract imagery. The book is 12"x8.5" closed, a lush 24" open. And where an index card is a jigsaw puzzle - challenging me to make the most of a tiny canvas, a picture book provides so much space, vast space, so that I can start anywhere and end up anywhere.

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Wouldn't it be boring if we all approached art in the same way?

Wouldn't it be boring if we all approached art in the same way? Like if we all had this goal, having our work fit into a bucket or category or label or x number of check-boxes from a particular set of rubrics.*

Your work can be folk art slash abstract slash dada slash land art. I like these possibly related words: nuance, simplify, revise, alter, polish, interpolate, arc. Grunge, geometric, gridded, gradient, gaudy, genre.

Random thoughts for today. 

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