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Novel Approach Workshop

Blend, collage & play with acrylics in an open-ended, loose, playful, grungy style. Create a variety of art journal pages which incorporate paint blending and layered collage in a visually engaging style. We'll jump in, play with grids, rainbows and incorporate those papers and ephemera you've been collecting for years! 

We start by selecting + prepping a hardback book to use as an art journal and then I'll show you how to create more than 10 unique art journal pages! You'll get a chance to roll up your sleeves, and immerse yourself in your art journal!!! We will work with concepts like grids, paint blending, adding depth and grunge to your pages, and more. 


Working with collage and acrylics in an altered book is an incredibly engaging process; each page of your book has a built-in starting point that you can choose to incorporate or ignore. I like to have multiple books and journals going simultaneously.

When your book is finished you'll adore the glorious edges of saturated acrylic paint. Join this class to explore ideas for allowing your pages to flourish without a predefined finished product.

You'll learn an array of acrylic painting and collage techniques. We'll go on an idea & inspiration treasure hunt, paint abstract backgrounds, discover found poetry, work with grids and freestyle collage, adding color and mystery to your book.

This is fun, messy, free-range, organic, playful art journaling, taught in a positive environment designed to support artists to create  more openly and intuitively!

Create mixed media art journal pages in an altered book with a focus on acrylic paint and paper. As you explore & practice the techniques, you get comfy with incorporating imagery, words, patterns, and colors into your mixed media work. 


We’ll use a hardback book, heavy body acrylics, brushes, liquid adhesive, magazines, a few Neocolor II water-soluble crayons and random collected papers + magazines. The workshop includes tips for selecting a book to alter and video instructions for preparing your book to use as an altered book art journal. We use a similar set of materials in Novel Approach and Groovy Grunge.


Level: Beginner level workshop.

Details: Self-paced online workshop taught via video tutorials with creative prompts, tips & tricks. 2 hours of video content

Workshop Access: Through 12/31/20.

A peek at the pages we create in Novel Approach!

Daisy Yellow art journaling workshop https://daisyyellowart.com
Daisy Yellow art journaling workshop https://daisyyellowart.com
Daisy Yellow art journaling workshop https://daisyyellowart.com
Daisy Yellow art journaling workshop https://daisyyellowart.com
Daisy Yellow art journaling workshop https://daisyyellowart.com
Daisy Yellow art journaling workshop https://daisyyellowart.com

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kind words about groovy grunge & novel approach!!!

✔︎ Student work from Groovy Grunge!
✔︎ Student work from Novel Approach!

“All 42 pages of my altered book have art on them. All of the techniques taught in Groovy Grunge/Novel Approach appear at least twice and the influence of Tiny Museum (done in a separate book) included. While there are pages that need collaging and/or grungifing, the book is essentially complete. It represents a year's effort that makes me smile when I page through the altered book. Thank you!” Theresa

"Wow, wow, wow!! These exercises are absolutely magical!!" Sooz

"I am a BIG fan of Tammy's Novel Approach and Groovy Grunge classes! Well worth the investment as I have used many of the techniques I learned in art pieces I created afterwards. I find I often go back and repeat specific exercises that I really love. But it doesn't stop there! I get so inspired by what my new class "mates" come up with - so many creative takes on Tammy's original ideas. I recently took another online class by another instructor and was constantly comparing them to Tammy - she wins hands down for well planned, structured and awesomely delivered classes." Julie

"I've loved this course, thank you so much." Rebecca

"Tammy's workshops are pure delight - she is very thorough in her approach and always leads you down wonderful and imaginative paths. I highly recommend them!" Patricia

"Tammy's ability to inspire creative experiments has always been a path for me to carve out time and space for my personal artistic expression. I view the course videos to keep me on-track with my own creative experiments even if I don't actually create the assignment." Teresa

"This fun workshop is reasonably priced for the lessons, encouragement and new-found friendships I've developed with other women all over the world and I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of how much or how little your experience in this field." Barb

"I find Tammy Garcia's online workshops to be very organized and so inspiring. Full of the details I need, but with the freedom and permission to be me. Tammy inspires me to try so many things I would not try on my own and she attracts a lot of fun & creative people to her workshops. It is a joy to participate!" Lenna

"This was such a fun workshop that I am going to do it again." Jane

"I can totally recommend Tammy's workshops, she is so giving of herself, her ideas and techniques - and they are such FUN!" Jo

"I love the class as all the lessons are there and you can work at your own pace, dipping into them randomly. If you're interested, join in!" Frieda

"I’ve learned ever so much and enjoyed every minute of it – as well as everyone else’s work – hurrah!" Julie

Daisy Yellow Workshops are online & self-paced, PACKED with creative prompts, insights & ideas to kick-start creative play! We play with a variety  of techniques and building blocks to develop your own unique journal pages.