365 Somethings 2018: Getting Started

Happy new beginnings, my friends! I wanted to tell you all about the 365 Somethings Project I'm doing with Hanna Andersson in 2018! Hanna and I did this w-a-y back in 2013 and LOVED it -- but it's a ginormous goal and this year we decided that we are finally READY to do it again!

And yes, you can start on January 2nd or February 3rd, but start, OK?

One thing to represent each day of a year, 
three hundred sixty five little projects. 

365 Somethings Project 2018 by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com

When my younger daughter was in 2nd grade she decided to count to a million, by 5's. She started writing numbers in a composition journal and kept going and going, filling several journals. People at school started to notice this diligent kid. The teacher was impressed, even the head of school came to visit the classroom and talk to her about the project. She finally made the decision to stop after a LONG time, at about 100,000. I cannot remember the exact spot. But she was OK with it. She had proven to herself {and everyone else} that 1 million was a pretty freaking high number.

create 365 of something by 12/31/18

A 365 project serves to create one item to symbolize each day in a year. 

There is an incredible feeling of accomplishment in completing a challenge. You know how good it feels at the end of the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, right? It builds confidence, the act of sticking with something. Of breaking through ideas to get to new ideas and those ideas explode into even more ideas. 

Sometimes if you think something through TOO much, you just get stuck. This kind of project is appealing on so many levels. This will be my second 365 type project! In 2103 I created 365 collages on index cards. I keep the collection in archival boxes and the sheer volume of the project continues to inspire me to this day. It was so powerful that I have wanted to do it again... but the time wasn't right until now! 

I know [and it kind of freaks me out, honestly] that it's a BIG DEAL [I know it's NOT a big deal in the scope of the universe, but it's a commitment to my art, for sure]. I know that my 365 will form the foundation and the underlying direction for my year. And that is scary. It will be the backdrop. The scaffolding. But also... it will ALWAYS there, in the background, sort of taunting me to continue. It can get obsessive. I know that. But it is powerful. And it is worthwhile. 


"Are you daring enough to give such a huge project a try? It can be scary and lonely out on the Creative Sea, all on your own, so that’s why I thought we could go together? If you’ll take the leap with me?"
Hanna Andersson

There is magic to creating every day. 

Grid of my 365 Project, 365 Index Card Collages by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com
That tricky day one [words from Amy Cowen].

That tricky day one [words from Amy Cowen].


Get Started with Your Somethings

1. This week, be sure to DO a few of whatever you are considering! Even if you are undecided as to WHAT exactly you'll do, this will give you flexibility and options moving forward. 365 is a huge goal and not something to go into lightly! Play with a few ideas and something will resonate and move into the idea of POSSIBLE. As for me? I'm going to do EITHER 365 stitched collages OR 365 small abstracts. Yup - January 1st and I cannot decide 🤓 so I am covering several bases and that will give me flexibility to decide in the next few days! 🌀

2. Do not be surprised if there is a YIKES feeling going through your mind. Infinite possibility is a heck of a thing. It's crazy-making for the brain, right? 

3. I usually overthink everything to the point of ridiculousness and get into analysis paralysis. Don't do that! Just get on with it. 

Go Create Something https://daisyyellowart.com

Is it really possible to do 365 Somethings?

Yes. If this concept, this process, resonates with you... if it sounds fun... if it sparks YOUR curiosity. Then the answer is definitely yes. This is definitely the kind of project that you can intersperse with OTHER art projects because you can work in batches. I love working in batches! Especially with small pieces of art. The key thing to note is that this is NOT a one/day project so it is not a typical 365.

Flexibility, friends, grace and kindness for ourselves. 

You can start and then change your mind. That's OK too. 


How do you do 365 Somethings?

1. Hanna and I are planning to do our individual 365 Somethings throughout 2018. Our projects are completely different, but we have the same goal! I hope that some folks out in bloglandia will join us!?!?!? That will be lovely!

2. Stay in the loop! You'll find all of the fun links to all of the fun places in the About section. 

3. Also!? Subscribe to Hanna's Newsletter and to the Daisy Yellow Newsletter.

4. The goal is to create "365-of-some-thing" over the course of the year. 365 discrete things. 

5. You get to define your somethings! This is very unstructured, so make it what you want and need it to be. 365 alphabets! 365 samples of embroidery stitches! 365 collages! 365 blind contour self-portraits! 365 faces! 

6. Share your work at instagram tagged #365somethings2018 and I'll definitely be following that tag, as well as #daisyyellowart

7. Create-create-create when you can, but it's no problemo to skip a day or weave in a different type of art other days! 💙 No griping at yourself!!!

8. The more art you do, the more ideas you will have. Creativity sparks creativity. Constraints spark creativity. I notice that when I make a bunch of something, the ideas morph and change in interesting ways. You'll wind up with more ideas than you can currently imagine.

9. You choose how you work. It might be in batches, in groups, or just on weekends. You can 7/day... then switch to something else... or create 1/day but know that you CAN and are ENCOURAGED to skip a day to give yourself grace + flexibility + ZERO guilt.

10. Just get to the goal line by 12/31/18.

Playing with ink! https://daisyyellowart.com

Tips for Selecting + Defining a Something

1. Pick something where you can incorporate variations on a theme. The simpler your constraint, the better. 

2. Select a project that is small + flexible so that you can do 365 and not get bored!

3. Pick a project that you will look forward to, something you truly WANT to explore, learn more about, go DEEP into.

4. Work on a project that resonates with you, something meaningful, something you will be proud that you accomplished.  

5. Select a project that is DO-ABLE. Feasible. Possible. The 365 aspect will make even a small project into a BIG project by default. 

6. Keep the definition flexible. That way you can pivot and go on tangents.


Resources for your personal 365 Somethings

1. Hanna has a marvelous post about the project!!! 

2. Listen to Amy Cowen's Creativity Matters Podcast Episode #287: All But One with talk about the power of working on daily art projects and to keep going, even if you are working in the margins of your days. It's not a 365-centric episode, but I think you'll find it motivating. 

3. Read The Magic of Creating Every Day.

4. If you are doing collage, here are some links about graphic design that I found useful:

The Lost Principles of Design
Percy Principles of Art and Composition
Ideas about Composition and Design


How will this intersect with Index-Card-a-Day?

No worries! I'm planning to facilitate the 8th annual ICAD Challenge which will run June 1 - July 31, 2018. That challenge entails creating art on 61 index cards and is definitely a one-a-day project. When 365 Somethings and ICAD intersected in 2013, I did BOTH PROJECTS. That means that I did 61 index cards and also did 365 stitched index cards. Or if you prefer, you can multi-task if the thing you're doing for 365 Somethings is on index cards *and* it's what you want to explore during ICAD this year. That is totally up to you. But during those 61 days, you'll do one/day of course. 

What's Ahead?

In the weeks ahead, I'll do my best to help you get rolling comfortably on your own project, share some tips & tricks for staying WITH your project, for keeping it fresh and for tracking your work.

Hanna will be digging deep into the project, so be sure to check in at Hanna's blog too