Alphabet Journal Flip-Thru

One of my many journals in process is my Alphabet Journal. Lots of work in progress means that you are creative and curious! No need to attach any negative connotation to having lots of journals in progress. Each of my journals takes a different direction & focus. 

So here’s a flip-through of my Alphabet journal.

I practice and scheme and strategize and work and think. What if I tilted this letter G by 90 degrees? What if I swirled the Y inward? What if I treated the upper case A like three pieces of wood? All of the practice lettering means that when I go to write letters in my journal I am very familiar with my favorite techniques and have a decent idea how much space each letter will take. So I can better judge how I might place the words so that they fit in a particular space. 

Start your own journal dedicated to the alphabet.

You might practice your lettering, test pens, markers and ink, and collect examples of cool typography and logos and tuck them inside.