Art Journal: The Eagles

"Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye."
The Last Resort, The Eagles

Tribute to The Eagles by Tammy Garcia.

This rock music-inspired page spread resides in the altered hardback book that I started in early 2012 also known as The Noticing Journal. It is a never-ending journal. Here's my ode to Pink Floyd page. Plus! Here's a flip-thru of this now finished journal.

Each year, Marit challenges the entire world to create art inspired by the music on Dutch radio's Top 2000 playlist. I wanted to do this challenge last year and just didn't get my act together amidst the holiday craziness. This year I'm thrilled that I actually did the challenge! To decide what songs to use, I scanned the list of music for songs that had a strong sense of place and time for me. The Last Resort {1976} has always been one of my favorite songs, and the Eagles one of my favorite groups. 

Factoid: The Last Resort is song #60 in the countdown. 

Tribute to The Eagles by Tammy Garcia.

I wanted this page to be elegant, reminiscent of the glamour of Hotel California {which is #2 in the countdown}. Originally I was going to leave the left page blank, and although it would have been just fine without the strip of rainbows, you know I can't resist adding color. I used the sewing machine to attach many of the materials to the page.

Ingredients include a photograph, acrylics, painted papers, typed quote, fabric, machine stitching and a painted mandala.

Art journaling inspired by The Last Resort {The Eagles}.

In fact, I worked on these pages late at night, journal pages poised atop a piece of cardboard atop of the four 12x12" paintings-in-process, atop the 24x36" painting-in-process, atop a rolling cart in the kitchen, adjacent to a basket or three of paints. It sounds complicated, but it's really not. That's real life without an art studio!