Carousel30, a new set of prompts!

A new series of prompts!

This is a really quick post because I didn’t have a chance today to write a proper post about this but I wanted to be sure you were in the loop! I mentioned this in the newsletter a few days ago but you might not have seen it in the flurry of ICAD!!! As part of the end-of-ICAD this year I am going to do something a little different - late late July 30th I’ll post a new series of prompts called ❝CAROUSEL30❞ ⚡️💭 I’ll post all 30 at once [as I did, for example, with CatchPhrase, which is another VERY GOOD OPTION for the post-ICAD conundrum of what to do next!?!?] and I would love if you’d play along. The entire goal is to keep us creating regularly, keep up that creative practice. You can interpret in any medium, any type of paper [i.e. art journal, writing journal, loose watercolor paper, index cards 😋📇]. So very flexible, open-ended, all that good stuff.

My suggested goal if you start the first few days of August is to finish by September 30. And that will align nicely with the start of Inktober and into October we’ll go, sticking with our creative PRACTICE right friends!?!?!?

More on this coming up next.

And a new video called Making Tiny Accordion Books…

Oh! And I’m writing a ginormous post about it, but in the mean-time, go watch the longest video I’ve ever posted — 38:45 and almost 6GB — all about Making Accordion Books! In the video I make TWO books, one with INDEX CARDS and the other with watercolor paper.

More on this too, I’ll eventually catch up!

This is the fastest blog post I’ve ever written.

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