CatchPhrase Challenge Index

A delightful adventure of words [nouns, verbs...  adjectives too]. Words you adore, beautiful words, typographically intriguing words, found text captured from magazines...  

Get the ideas flowing, here are the prompts!

Ideas---> 27+ Ideas for Using Words in Your Journal!

incorporate word//words
in your sketches, journal pages
or index card art

  1. The prompts are 100% optional. Seriously. So you can do this in whatever way you wish.

  2. Create 26 journal pages, sketches or index cards that contain words in some way, shape or form. Include words somewhere//somehow. They DO NOT have to be the focus of the art. You don't have to draw the words. Document the time/date/weather. Mine magazines for typography. Practice dip-pen lettering. Use alphabet stamps! Grab phrases from brochures, draw tall & narrow letters, use text as TEXT(ure) too. Your creative work can be JUST words or it can be ABOUT words or simply INCLUDE words. 🔚

  3. You pick the speed for this challenge... one month or two. Jump in any time. This gives you the luxury of working on a page for a few days or doing more complex pages or skipping days altogether if life is ramping up to busy...

  4. Get more familiar & comfy with words as a component of your art.

  5. You can try 26 different ideas, or one concept x 26 variations!

  6. At instagram use tag #daisyyellowart or #dycatchphrase

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