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112 hours. One fountain pen ink. One pen. 100 faces.

Reality infringes on my desire to do ALL of the creative things. Instead, I choose to ricochet between projects and mediums and ideas, zig-zagging my way up and around the learning curve. A challenge is a great way to SHAKE THINGS UP and focus on something you have been wanting to do but haven’t tackled.

Five days dedicated to drawing 100 things in spare moments is surprisingly intense! From the outside it might look like a mini-Inktober or mini-ICAD, but definitely not. As I read many other sketchers say…. I’d definitely do One Week 100 People again. I drew so much that I didn’t have a choice but to allow myself to loosen up and not micro-manage or I wouldn’t have finished. It’s like everything else fell away and I just had to keep moving forward, next face, next face. That pushed perfectionistic tendencies away!

And usually I will share pretty much anything I create, yet I felt hesitant to share these sketches! But it’s part of it, part of a challenge, part of the process. It drives improvement. After I posted the first two pages, the rest were easier somehow. Looking back I am really happy I shared these pages and it made the challenge all the more powerful.

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Tiny Abstract: Drawing with pencil + painting with gouache

Over the last year and a half, I’ve made just a few [understatement] abstracts with ink - and now while I’m still doing that — I’m ALSO exploring in gouache in the same format. Yes — I am completely enamored with tiny abstracts so I wanted to share that with you! Filmed this work-in-process where I draw lines with a geometric/architectural vibe and add color with gouache paint. This is tubed gouache that I’ve let dry in the palette and then rewet when I want to paint [that post has lots of lush details about that]. So I’m using gouache like pan watercolors, to give you a frame of reference, although gouache is generally more opaque and has a bit of a texture to it. I'm letting the paints just flow into each other, not trying to control that. I like the wild results, the happy accidents where colors intersect and mingle.

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Alphabet Journal Flip-Thru

Many of you know that I have a lot of journals in work at the same time. I like to see this as evidence of a creative and curious mind rather than attaching any negative connotation. Each journal has a different look and feel and gradually each journal develops in a different direction. This particular journal is a lined journal with swirly doodles on each page. I found it at the bookstore.

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Tutorial: Bold Patterns with Magic Markers

Don't you think it's time for a little creative diversion? Over the past few years, I've filmed a bunch of videos that I posted at Vimeo and in the midst of backing up my movie files, I'm finding the gems and posting them to YouTube. This is a fun one from 2014 about designing bold patterns that make use of positive and negative space.

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