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Floating ink, in theory

You know how musicians riff on the guitar or writers interpret short writing prompts? Part of the process of making really looks quite fumbly to outsiders. To generate ideas and designs, creative people have to mess about, juggle ideas, and rehearse possibilities. It takes some level of “not knowing” [and refining] and being OK with that uncertainty WELL INTO the process. So developing lyrics + captivating chord progressions is usually not automatic or instantaneous. At least that is what I’ve gleaned from a variety of podcasts.

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112 hours. One fountain pen ink. One pen. 100 faces.

Reality infringes on my desire to do ALL of the creative things. Instead, I choose to ricochet between projects and mediums and ideas, zig-zagging my way up and around the learning curve. A challenge is a great way to SHAKE THINGS UP and focus on something you have been wanting to do but haven’t tackled.

Five days dedicated to drawing 100 things in spare moments is surprisingly intense! From the outside it might look like a mini-Inktober or mini-ICAD, but definitely not. As I read many other sketchers say…. I’d definitely do One Week 100 People again. I drew so much that I didn’t have a choice but to allow myself to loosen up and not micro-manage or I wouldn’t have finished. It’s like everything else fell away and I just had to keep moving forward, next face, next face. That pushed perfectionistic tendencies away!

And usually I will share pretty much anything I create, yet I felt hesitant to share these sketches! But it’s part of it, part of a challenge, part of the process. It drives improvement. After I posted the first two pages, the rest were easier somehow. Looking back I am really happy I shared these pages and it made the challenge all the more powerful.

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More colorful hand-drawn contraptions.

Art is a positive force ☯️ and creating consistently {and for me that’s daily, for years upon years} means that doing art is part of the ebb and flow of the day. It doesn’t feel heavy like a requirement or a guilt-trip but it feels just normal. I feel better and my brain feels more calm especially when literally everything around us is spinning out of control.

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Ink & thread, a perfect match.

“I feel like my life is so scattered right now. Like it's all the small pieces of paper and someone's turned on the fan. But, talking to you makes me feel like the fan's been turned off for a little bit. Like things could actually make sense. You completely unscatter me, and I appreciate that so much.”
John Green

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Rainbows, contraptions & negative space

When the goal is huge, the magic happens when you let go of controlling the finished work and focus on the MAKING. You will not get to the finish line without making consistent progress. Focusing on the process, the idea generation, that takes the emotional weight of creating "the perfect outcome" - like that is thrown out of the equation. The goal isn’t 365 perfect somethings! I feel like there needs to be a component of chance + serendipity + accidental intersections.

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31 Inktober Drawings & Thoughts on Creative Challenges

Thirty-one days of drawing in ink, painting in vivid colors, exploring imaginary structures…. it’s been interesting to watch how an idea sparks the next. How on earth does one categorize this type of drawing? Is it perhaps an abstract illustration? What comes to my mind when I’m making them — some sort of imaginary structures, like landscapes, caves, houses, retreats.

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Grey ink is not boring [Fuyu-Syogun ink review]

I'm trying to rein in my desire to explore every ink on the planet... even inks that have not yet been invented. I'm reaching for colors that I don't have, gaps in my cache, my knowledge, my collection. Colors that I can see in my imagination, colors that are not there, like the green of a ripe bartlett pear, a deep velvet red, a particularly frilly pink, the yellow of an overripe lemon. Bright, intense, pure colors that burst with energy.

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