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Mindful Meditative Mandala Madness

Ⓜ️andalas & geometric patterns 🙃 are our themes for Week 5️⃣ of the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge
where our goal is to make 61 cards in 61 days, at the pace of ONE per DAY! I've done 4 Instagram Lives this week where we did mandala draw-alongs, and I hope you caught one of them! Be sure to follow me at @gypsy999 to catch future arty fun. 

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Tequila Sunrise Mandala

My idea at the outset was a large, fairly open mandala with crisp white lines and the colors of a tequila sunrise. So a mash-up of one of my favorite Eagles songs with the colors of the beverage. And that called for masking fluid, something I don't use very often! 

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Bonus Mandalas

At the tail end of October, I switched gears and inked some mandalas with a wonderful fountain pen, the Pilot Kaküno. A few years ago, my husband brought several back from a business trip to Japan and I got a few more at the Kinokuniya store in LA the summer before last. I get Pilot ink refills from Jet Pens. The ink comes in cartridges and you just pop out the empty one and pop in a fresh one, quite foolproof. I drew the mandalas in black Pilot ink {not waterproof} and painted with a brush, and was greeted by a surprisingly aquatic blue undertone! 

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California Mandalas & Index Cards

A few weeks ago I shared a list of the art materials I brought along on our California vacation, The {} Logistics of Art on the Road. So these mandalas and doodles were drawn with a very small subset of my materials. I had painted the backgrounds of a bunch of index cards with gouache the day before we flew to California. These are 3x5" index cards, Sakura Gellyrolls.

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