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Postcards from the...

So I wanted to create something interesting with some texture. Sewing paper is one of my guilty pleasures and so I never pass up an excuse to do that! I used japanese papers {see the wrinkles}, magazine & catalog clippings, brown kraft paper, painted papers & gelatin prints for variety, but I kept most of the components fairly large on these 4x6" mail art postcards.

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17+ Tips for Sewing Paper

Sewing paper is two parts magic, one part amazingness, 14% frustration. I know, it doesn't add up. Stitching is a really interesting way to add texture and visual interest and depth to your paper art. If you'd like to add a new component to your journal pages, make travel journals or bind your favorite papers into an art journal, I thought it would be helpful to would talk about how you can get started sewing paper - and here are my tips! 

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