it's icad o'clock

The other night, my daughter had an evening event at school and we live far away so couldn’t go home and back. So we had almost 3 hours together in between. We spent them at the coffee shop, with lattes and smoothies and good music. She worked on her mystery novel and I worked on index cards. Lately I’ve been obsessed with drawing letters. But more like a page of variants of one letter. On this one, I thought it would be neat to work in columns, where I brainstormed 18 D’s and 36 Y’s etc. thus lettering DAISY YELLOW in different ways. Mix ‘n match. Looking at this photograph I see that I missed some letters. But that’s the imperfect nature of an ICAD. I like this kind of jigsaw puzzle for the brain. And I like that I don’t feel anchored to the outcome.

"The next time you find yourself procrastinating on a particular goal or making a decision with far-off consequences, take a moment to get in touch with your Future Self."
Becky Kane

The ICAD Challenge starts on June 1st.
Details @ home base.

Every year, I get emails from challengers letting me know that the experience changed their approach to life, to art, to creativity... that it has helped build confidence, make creative buddies, and set them on an unexpected + uncharted course.

"After only a few days of being a member of the ICAD community, I began to experience what I can only describe as a sense of childlike wonder as artists from all over the US and around the world shared their creations. As I reacted and commented and read and learned, I realized I was part of an amazing community that was letting me dabble my toes in the art stream and encouraging me and supporting me in every little ripple. I’ve met virtual kindred spirits, soul sisters, role models, loving mothers-sisters-daughters, spiritual guides, fellow travelers. I’ve seen thousands of wonderful works of art and been inspired to try new techniques, new approaches. The experience has been a gift that will last a lifetime." “Lori” [First year ICADian, member of the ICAD group]