Index Card Art Tutorials! Pack 1: Explore

A peek into Explore, a 6-pack of index card art tutorials!
A fab way to explore new materials
and expand your creative repertoire!

Curious to see what my tutorials are like?
Check out the fresh video tutorial I posted today! 


In this 6-tutorial-pack, you'll explore new ideas, mediums & techniques on the inviting small format of an index card! My example cards are 3x5". You will receive via instant download a 22 page full color PDF with a list of materials, examples and links to 6 tutorial videos. One hour of high quality video instruction!!! You will adore these playful, beginner level techniques! 

Pack includes these tutorials: Corners Collage, Pattern Mapping, Abstract Landscape, Rainbow Sherbet, Doodle Spark and Block Lettering.

Videos are accessible thru 12/31/19 but not downloadable. Tutorial packs are non-refundable but if you purchase the same pack twice, I will refund duplicate payment.

©2011-2018 Tammy Garcia

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