Muse30 Prompt #25

This is one of my favorite prompts - one that can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. You could draw the alphabet in a font that you invent, draw the alphabet with a variety of different writing tools, draw the greek alphabet or perhaps invent an acronym for the entire alphabet {[A]BSOLUTELY [B]ONKERS [C]ANDY [D]EFY [E]NDEAVORS...}. 

This could launch you into a review and analysis of your favorite typefaces, to finally learn the difference between a font and a typeface, to learn how to draw with a dip pen. Typography. Alphabetization. Google's new name. An alphabet primer for toddlers with little drawings of zoo animals. How about handwriting analysis? Methods for sorting and categorizing books. Do you remember the card catalog and the dewey decimal system?

What about an entire page filled with the alphabet, over and over again? Check out Alphabetication and Alphabet Lettering.

PS. One of our favorite alphabet books when my kids were little was a beautiful board book called Zoe and her Zebra by Stella Blackstone. 

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