Muse30 Prompt #26

Sorry for the delay! For the CITY prompt, I think that you could go in a number of different directions {subtle map pun}, like you could draw an array of buildings, use a paper map as an art journal background {scrape a thin coat of white gesso or acrylic paint on top to mute the color and make your writing more legible}.

Drive your index card or page on a highway toward a particular city. Follow a route. Draw a skyline you love, invent a city, find inspiration in an imaginary city in a novel or TV show. The fictional city of Bedrock, where the Flintstones and the Rubbles live. 

Hover above an airport and draw the geography.

Skyscrapers could spark a geometric design; buildings with different heights filled with horizontal and vertical lines. Many large cities have cultural events, museums, festivals, cultures, foods, histories. You could write a pros/cons list debating City vs. Country? Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural?

Go the data analysis and visualization route and chart the population growth or some quantifiable aspect of a city.

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