Muse30 Prompt #31


A bonus prompt to wrap up our never-ending Muse30... er.... Muse31 series that began long ago, at least in internet time! I hope that you have enjoyed this conglomeration of prompts and have started to explore the words and phrases in your own way,  to interpret each of them in your journal or on an index card. There is no better time to start working in your journal than TODAY so hop over to Muse30 #1: Print and get started!!!

And so here are some possible interpretations for SUNRISE. Of course you could do a play on sunrise/sunset, track the sunrise for 10 days and document the exact moment that the sun's rays hit your driveway. Meditate in front of a window and enjoy that first burst of sun-energy one morning. Make a plan for a "really good day" starting with the sunrise.

You could draw a mandala in the form of the sun or follow my little doodle-watercolor tutorial called Starburst.

Go to the Muse30 Index to see the full series.

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