Muse30 Prompts

Muse30 is a series of art journal prompts designed to help you JUMP directly into a new journal page... a proactive jump-start and a remedy for blank-page-syndrome. As a fun twist, you can use the background of the prompt graphic {the imagery behind the words} as your prompt or you can use the word/phrase.

Links to every-single-prompt along with bonus insights, ideas + speculation + brainstorming about what you could DO with each prompt! 

Where will these prompts take you? Always a curious question to ponder. This series is quite open-ended and you can use them as doodle prompts, typography prompts, art journal prompts... and  many can be used as writing or poetry prompts, if you so choose. 

Get started with MUSE30 #1: Print.

The purpose of a creative prompt is to get moving! There's no right/wrong approach. It's whatever the prompt drives you to create in your journal. The idea is to inspire, nudge, spark, incite, kick-start, push, hint and whatever else it takes to get YOU to work in your journal! These prompts do not need to be interpreted literally! You might read a prompt and schedule an "art appointment" with yourself in your planner. Then explore the idea after you've had a chance to let the possibilities ferment and expand and take shape. Let your mind turn the possibilities around. It will keep working on the challenge while you are doing other things, making connections.

Join the Daisy Yellow FB group and post the journal pages or index cards that you create! Or post on instagram with tags #daisyyellow and #muse30. You can do these as journal pages or index cards. If index cards, also use #icad2016 and you can keep counting those creations!