Podcast with Ricë #4 + More Postcard Love

“In most cases, the best strategy for a job interview is to be fairly honest, because the worst thing that can happen is that you won't get the job and will spend the rest of your life foraging for food in the wilderness and seeking shelter underneath a tree or the awning of a bowling alley that has gone out of business.”
Lemony Snicket

More stitched postcards for Hanna's 2012 Autumn Postcard SwapI made some extras and I'm sending those as a little gift to the folks that mailed me postcards.

There's a fresh, laughter-filled podcast with Ricë of Notes from the Voodoo Cafe. In the podcast, I share a few ideas for expanding your creativity, a writing prompt, etc. Please pop back and let me know how you like the prompts and the podcast. I talk so darned FAST on these podcasts!