Small Format Art: Rainbow Playgrounds

61 cards | 61 days

A big realization this week? I've been focusing on ⓢⓜⓐⓛⓛ art all year!!! Yup -- 3x5" for ICAD and 3x3" for 365 Somethings. So if I start a painting after ICAD it will feel as vast as a mural, right? Anyhow... this week I’m exploring an idea generated in my 365 Somethings Project. The substrates and relative dimensions are completely different, though, and I am not trying to make these "look" like watercolor paper but actually trying to see what interestingness can be made on index cards. I do not treat/prep my index cards in order to emulate some other type of paper. That is part of the fun -- playing off of the quirkiness of this substrate. 

Rainbow playgrounds!

Abstract landscapes by Tammy Garcia

ICADs #22-28 PLUS bonus ICADs! Ink on 3x5" index card. 

This series of 9 is totally about {process} and trying to understand this elusive abstraction thing. I like working surprises into these cards. And how cool that each ink is unique.... not just in color but characteristics and personality? So many intersecting variables involved in understanding each medium. 

The arch in some of the cards is more centered and I can’t decide whether I like it better a little off-center? I’m watching an idea s-l-0-w-L-y evolve. This is what it is all about for me. Give your work time to simmer, percolate, expand, alter, retreat, zigzag, and otherwise transform itself.

What a fine line between happy chaos and muddy mess! 🔝 There are zones here that I especially love 💕 and others... not so much! That’s how I figure things out, by going beyond the boundary! All part of the process! 🌈🤡🌸💫

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