Sharing Work from my Watercolor Playground Workshop

I wanted to share with you some of the gorgeous artwork posted in the discussion group and facebook group for the Watercolor Playground Workshop. Work shared with permission from the artists.


Louise D created this masterpiece.

In her words, "I really struggled with the very first exercise but by this one I suddenly 'got it'. It sounds a bit corny but it felt like the paint was my friend, working its hardest to make 'happy accidents' for me. I tend to work rather quickly and loosely (messily) and this medium is perfect for that! Thank you so much for introducing me to a new friend." 


Natasha White painted this amazing work, with so many little paths to discover and places for the eye to play.

In Natasha's words, "I have used my watercolours more since I started this workshop then I have since I got them. The more I play the more I love them. I have only briefly dabbled before and then went back to my acrylics for the most part, but right is all about watercolours I am loving how vibrant I can still get the colour and experimenting with my control and lack of it!"

Natasha shared a few more of her pages at her blog, Define Your Joy.


Patricia of Magenta Matters created a lively playground in the workshop! I love the flow of the paint and the energy and freedom of color. Learn a bit more about her experience with watercolor.


Lynn created a beautiful page using a technique called bubbles. Lynn blogs at Lulu's Art Life and included her playground page from the workshop in this post. In Lynn's words, "I loved this class Tammy and learned so much so thank you.  I love watercolours even more than I did before." "I think I loved this technique the most! It was so much fun watching the colours mix and blend.  I blended my neocolours a lot more than you did in your video but I kind of got carried away with the vibrancy of the colours blending. And I liked it like that!"