Summer Days | Podcast with Ricë!


Yesterday the girls found some bubble blowing stuff while we were attempting to organize. So they went out to the backyard to blow bubbles and climbed up into the double decker play fort. I followed along to take photos (of course) of the bubbles as they flew out over the pool. Then they wanted to blow bubbles while in the pool, and they had their cotton dresses on so asked if they could go in like that. So there they were, in their colorful dresses, splashing in the pool, blowing bubbles, giggling and having a blast. The sun was setting and it was so bright that I couldn't tell if the camera was focusing and now I'm happy that it wasn't! 

Yay for summer. Yay for zero schedules.

And yay for my podcast interview with Ricë Freeman-Zachary! Wowee! It was a fun, exhilerating learning experience to voice the ideas that I've been writing + thinking about for years. Ricë blogs at Notes from the Voodoo Cafe and you can find all of her podcast interviews at Notes from the Voodoo Lounge {which always reminds me of the Rolling Stones}.